Monday, September 27, 2010

Crying. Contraband. Confiscate.

Before we go any farther, let me announce that the high today is 75. Yes, the HIGH. Yippee! Finally. A temp that doesn't start with "hundred" or even "ninety". Fall is finally here.

Now, I will address the heartbreaking Hog loss. I got home from the volleyball tourny in time to watch the second half. And the Hogs were well on their way to a win. We were whipping some crimson tide rear. We had it. We. Had. It. And then we lost it. We. Lost. It. And then I cried like a baby. And went to my room. And sucked my thumb for the rest of the night. The end.

But before all that nonsense took place, I spent the entire morning and half the afternoon at the ol' volleyball tourny. And that's when it happened. I was putting some bobby pins in Jordan's gym bag. And I saw it. I was stunned. Shocked. Speechless. I couldn't believe it. Right there in her bag. She was obviously trying to hide it from me. She knew better. What would I tell the Captain?! We've taught her. We've told her about the pitfalls. Others have told her too. She has seen what happens to people JUST LIKE HER who make the wrong decision and do it. She knows the dangers of using this stuff. She knows right and wrong. She knew better than to give in. Yet, apparently decided to use this. I was so disappointed in her choice. It was a big ol' parenting fail. I wanted to confront her right there. Smell her breath. What was she thinking?!? Would she admit to using it? Would she say something ridiculous like, "Mom, everybody does it!!" or "It's not mine. It belongs to a friend."

So, between matches, I said something.

"Jordan!! I found it in your bag! What were you thinking?!?! Did you think you could hide it from me?!?"

She knew right then that she was busted.

I had found it.

The gum. No chewing gum when you wear braces.


I took it. And I showed her. I chewed it all right it front of her.

And sent her spandex booty, wirey mouth, rebellious self back out on the court.

Happy Monday people. Hope everybody has a good week. It's a wild one for us. The usual volleyball and football games and practices - all over town. Plus throw in quarter exams for Jordan. Erg. Bible and French today. Wheee! Or would it be oui?

Au revoir!

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