Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How was your day dear?

Yesterday, on the Tuesday that felt like a Monday, I was still sitting in a meeting at 5pm.

Cooper had to be at football practice across town at 5:45pm.

Jordan had a volleyball game at 5pm on the *other* side of town. The Captain attended and rah-rah-rah'd.

I flew out of the office at 5:05pm.

Ran in the door, changed my clothes and grabbed the kid.

Screached in the parking lot and made it to practice right as the kids were starting all those 1-2-3 warm up things.

Saw friend from church in the parking lot who pointed out that the pads in Coop's pants were all snapped in upside down.

I'm a goober head.

Fixed the pants.

Slapped him on the rear, kissed his little helmet bobble-head self and sent him off to the field.

Grabbed his 87 gallon water jug, my chair, and an umbrella.

Watched practice.

Hit hit hit.

Yea! Coop had a great tackle.

Right now that's not happening very much.

I was kinda' proud.

The coach bonked him on the helmet and said "Way to go W!!!!"

(Actually he didn't say "W", he said "LAST NAME", but our last name is all policey and highly confidental and stuff.....)

Watched Cooper go check on a player who was slow to get up.

Heard two dads talking, "Cooper is always encouraging everybody and congratulating them and telling them they've done a good job. He's a real nice kid."

Now THAT made me proud.

Forget the football.


Play a little Words with Friends.

Share "It's so hard to work full time and get kids everywhere and get it all done and survive" woes with a few other moms.

Cue the rain.

Oh wait -

Now cue the POURING rain.

Sit in the pouring rain for about 30 minutes.

Wonder if I'm really cut out to be a football mom.

Two hours later, practice is over.

Coop gets his game jersey -- with his name on it.

He's proud. Even though he hates football.

Head to the car.

Squish squish squish.

Ask Cooper to strip down to his underwear before he gets in the car.

He declines.

Seriously, those pants.

Those cleats.



Is that tire supposed to be that flat-looking?


Text the Captain to see if he has an air blowy up thing in the garage.

He does.

Of course he does.

Hope there is enough air in the tire to make it home.

Drive home and pray the tire doesn't blow out and we go skidding all over the slickish road.

Make it home sans blow-out.


Jordan and the Captain show up at the casa.

Recap of the day and the volleyball game.

With showers and homework for all.

Good night.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

I notice you had no time to breathe?

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

T-ball starts in a month... he's 4... so, what I hear you saying is it gets no easier than right now... ACK!

You should be very proud... I hope to hear two dads talking about our boy like that one day :)