Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some family rah-rah

So you know I had a humongously gigantic presentation last night. It went pretty well actually. Whew. {insert huge sigh of relief here}

My sweet family was very encouraging throughout the day.

When I walked out the door yesterday morning, Cooper whacked me on the bootie and said "Go get 'em tiger!" Ummmm, play football much?

The Captain sent me some good luck flowers. The card said "Go get 'em tiger!". He said he had some other things in mind for the card when he had been planning this little delivery, but then nothing could compare to the butt-whack and words from my 8 year old....

And right before my meeting started, Jordan sent me a text with some real sweet words and a Bible verse.

Man, I love those people.

Peace out people. Have a groovy Wednesday.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Even better than the successful presentation is the loving support of those fine folks.

Congrats on ALL of that. :-)

Just Mom said...

And I bet your hair looked fantastic too! :-D

Busy Mom said...

Glad it went well!

Steve said...

Where would we be without supportive families? Pretty much nowhere, I would guess.