Saturday, October 23, 2010


Twitter. The end.

Random man at Kroger just told me that I smelled good.

Today is my daddy's birthday. He is celebrating in heaven. I am missing him on earth.

I am ready to call some Hogs.

This. Right here. Is my. Nap. Tired mom nap. Tired mom nap.

How on earth can four people use so many cups?!?!

My time and my money are spent at the orthodontist

Made poppyseed chicken for dinner last night. Hope there's no random drug testing at work today

What's the dealio?

Nothing worse than a wrong-turn-taker at a four way stop.

Captain to child who shall remain anonymous (ahem @vball199 ) : "Don't feed beans to the dog."

Just used facial cleanser to wash my hair. Awesome

{Insert witty tweet here}

And now the child who shall remain anonymous (ahem @vball199 ) has painted the dog's toenails. Wait til the Captain sees this...

Does banana Laffy Taffy count as a fruit

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