Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I had the fun, enlightening, and entertaining experience of eating lunch at school with Cooper and his friends yesterday. Usually we eat at the "special table" (which is just parents and kids), but yesterday he wanted me to sit with him at the "regular table". The members of the "regular table" are five eight-year old boys.

Now, if you haven't hung around eight year old boys lately, let me tell you, you are missing an experience.

Our topics included....

....peeing, pooping, burping, and tooting....

And words that rhymed with those words.

And other words for those words.

And songs made out of those words.

And knock-knock jokes about those words.

They had just learned the cursive letter "a" that morning and Billy proudly said "Now we know all the letters to write fart."


They did crazy things with grapes and pretzels.

Including pretending grapes were eyeballs.

And karate chopping the pretzels.

When they started talking about weiners, I said, "Boys! There is a lady present!"

That's when Zach and Carter turned completely around on the bench TO LOOK FOR THE LADY.


Excuse me....Here I am.....

Then, I got something called "The Cheese Touch" ... which is apparently the modern day version of Cooties. Something from Diary of Wimpy Kid I think.... I'm still a bit unclear by it, although I was told that if you have your fingers crossed you cannot get The Cheese Touch. And if you keep The Cheese Touch for two years, you will die. OK, good to know. It was odd, because they didn't want The Cheese Touch, yet they DID want The Cheese Touch. They all got pretty upset when I said I was taking The Cheese Touch with me back to work. Don't worry, people. I successfully passed The Cheese Touch on to Barrett on my way out.

There was a lot of bonking each other with water bottles, sucking ketchup straight out of the packets, laughing their heads off, and just making a big ol' mess.

But they were hilarious.

And precious.

OK, except for the weiner part....

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JuJu said...

Oh, this made me giggle.

A whole table filled with Coopers? It sounds like heaven!!


Cameron and Rachel said...

I laughed the whole time I read this.

I could see you sitting at that table and the look on your face as they talked about all that cool boy stuff :)

Thanks for the heads up of what I have to look forward to in a few more years!

Kearsie said...

Maybe my kids are weird, but that could've been the lunch activity on Sunday with my two girls.