Monday, November 8, 2010


Did I really accomplish anything this weekend?

Watched a little football.

Drove kids all. over. town.

Watched an elementary talent show and witnessed a kid burping the ABC's.

Bought three Christmas presents. {woo hoo!}

Did I mention I drove kids all over town?

Watched Cooper have a big pout-fest, complete with whining (which I'm telling you - I absolutely LOVE me some whining) in the middle of the store because I wouldn't buy him a toy.

Misplaced my debit card and didn't realize it until I was checking out of above mentioned store.

Had moment of panic - mixed with Cooper's continued pouting - while I tried to remember where my card was. Now THAT was a most pleasant moment.

Not only could I not get the barking puppy toy thing, some little rubber collectible squishy things, and the lego sets Cooper was dyyyyyying for, but was really trying to figure out how I was going to pay for the four jugs of laundry detergent. And where on earth my debit card was.

Held my breath all the way home (ok, I didn't literally hold my breath all the way home, but you get it) until I could check the pocket of the jacket I had on earlier when I had driven Jordan to church that morning for a youth event. (See earlier reference of "driving kids all over town")

Found the debit card in pocket of said jacket.

Took two teenage girls to the mall because we scored some tickets to an upcoming concert and THEYMUSTHAVESOMETHINGNEWTOWEARORTHEYWILLDIE.

Used all of the laundry detergent.

Be very jealous of my most exciting life.

But guess what? There is NOTHING scheduled for this week other than school and that work thing. Wow. What on earth will we do at night? Actually eat dinner, do some homework, and go to bed? Do we even remember how to do that?

Well, since The Weatherman just said the sun will set at 4:59 tonight, then I guess that will all work out just fine...

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Steve said...

Silly me. I just wear whatever I happen to have to a concert. But then, I don't go to be seen. And I'm not a girl, either.