Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Tweets

Just like that dressing and green bean casserole, heat these leftover Twitters up in your microwave and enjoy.

Can't decide if I'm going to be wildy productive or extremely slothful today. {flipping coin}

PW's apple dumplings have put me in a diabetic coma.


Overtime makes me barf.


Amateur day at the grocery. Grrrrr.

Holiday distraction settling in. This is not good.

My doggie can fetch the paper. Which is an especially lovely trick on a day like today. When it is pouring rain

Marking my calendar for the Royal Wedding. Although I'm sure my official save the date card will be forthcoming.

If I have another baby, I will name him Coffee. Or Velveeta.

Peelin' taters.

Anybody seen my butter dish?

I am too old to wakeboard on the Wii.

Played Wii with my son for over an hour. That is all the energy I plan to exert today.

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