Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The one about the pee

I am the daughter of a hunter. I am the wife of a hunter. I am the mother of hunters.

The Captain hunts. Cooper hunts. Jordan hunts.

In fact, on Black Friday, my teenage daughter wasn't begging to go to the mall to go shopping. She was begging to go to the woods to go deer hunting.

I have three deer heads hanging in my house -- TWO in my den.

I have stuffed ducks, a pheasant, a coyote, antlers, and a fish on display. It's a regular menagerie.

Our upstairs bedroom has become the Captain's storage area for all things camo. I've got 395,201 duck decoys on my patio. Deer stands in my garage. I could be a Cabella's outlet site.

I have no Southern Living feature in my future.

Anyhoo, I say all that to say I'm ok with the whole hunting thing.

I will, however, draw the line with this.

Can't tell what it is?

Sorry, I didn't want to get too close to it to take a picture....

It's a shot of the inside of my freezer.

Yes, those are green beans on the right.

And that is deer urine on the left.

Deer. Urine.


As in PEE.



Deer pee.

Dear me.

In my freezer.

And apparently not just any deer urine.

This is described as "explosive" deer urine.

As if deer urine isn't bad enough, this is explosive deer urine.

I'm scared.

I'm also going to get a baggie.

(I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've used the word "urine" on my blog. And I've used it six times already. It's a banner day.)

And for those of you who ate green bean casserole at my house during the Thanksgiving holiday, please be advised I used canned beans.

In other non-urine related news, I have secured additional lights for my Christmas tree. All is calm. All is bright. OK, maybe not so calm. But bright. All is bright.

Have a peachy day, people. December is here. Wowie.

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JuJu said...

Coming from a non hunting background, I need an explanation on the explosive pee.
I understand the use of urine, but the explosive part is befuddling me?

angie128 said...

I am asking the Captain for additional information on this explosive requirement. And also why it must be frozen.