Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, how's your Christmas shopping coming along?

Three weeks from today is Christmas Eve Eve.

I can feel the leading edge of the holiday panic starting to set in.

I would say I'm about 50% finished with my all my shopping. Maybe.

I always have these grand plans of finishing allll my shopping by Thanksgiving and having everything wrapped and under the tree by December 1.


I'm 100% sure that is not gonna' happen this year.

I kind of feel like the yellow defensive team in this football trick play video. See how the holidays, appropriately dressed in red and white, seem to be running a regular ol' play? All of a sudden they just TAKE OFF.

Yep, that's how I feel.

Like I'm being left standing on the line. Confused. And late. And behind.

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Momma Roar said...

That cracked me up - the video, not your lack of shopping! ;)

I'm pretty far along, but we've got 2 birthdays this month as well, so I need to start early to keep my sanity!

Happy Thursday!