Friday, December 3, 2010


I've mentioned that Bingmama and I are season subscribers to the theatre. Don't you remember last year's Wizard of Oz show?

Well, last night we headed downtown to see Dreamgirls.

And we did what every smart, middle-aged women do. (OK, so I'm middle-aged. Bingmama isn't quite middle aged. In fact, when we went to Bon Jovi, she told somebody I was her mother. Anyway, I'll move on past the old woman references.)

Where was I?

Oh right, we did what any smart person would do when they go to the fancy theatre to see a Broadway show.

We snuck candy inside.

Which is better than the woman I saw last night who pulled a sleeve of Ritz crackers out of her purse. Yes, I'm serious.

I had a box of Lemonheads in my purse. And she had a bag of individually wrapped Starburst. Sadly, the Hot Tamales wouldn't fit in our tiny bags and had to stay in the car.

We were minding our own business, eating our candy, and watching heartbroken Effie telling Curtis she Is Not Going while he and the Dreams go on without her...Poor Effie....

That's when it happened.

The gal in front of Bingmama turned around and said,

"Would you please stop it with the paper?"

What? Did the gal in Row R Seat 204 call Bingmam out for rattling her candy paper?

It appears so.

Bingmama took the scolding pretty well and did what any mature adult would do.

She rolled the candy papers into little spit wads and shot them into the hair of Row R Seat 204 Gal.

OK, she really didn't do that.

But we may or may not have snickered at her later during the standing ovation and we saw that her date was about 5' 2".

So Bingmama said, "Your date is a midget!!"

OK, she really didn't do that either.

We just decided next time we would bring a big ol' bag of Doritos.

Chips anyone?

Alrighty, people.

It's Friday.

I'm tired.

And I just might wrap a Christmas present this weekend.

Or not.

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