Thursday, December 17, 2009

A funny thing happened while we were at the theatre

My bestie Bingmama and I are season subscribers to the theatre. Doesn't that sound impressive? So every few months, when a new show comes to town, we're off for our girls night.

That night happened to be Tuesday. And the show happened to be Wizard of Oz.

Now, I've got nothing against Wizard of Oz. But if it were not part of our little package thing, I probably wouldn't go see it. Cause, I've seen it. Fifty thousand tmies. But nonetheless, it was part of our package. So off we went. And we both were thinking it would be a pretty predictable night.

Boy were we wrong.

Because while we were there....

.... a drunk man got into a fight with another guy seated near him who had told him repeatedly to be quiet. (Yes, there was a DRUNK guy getting in a FIGHT at WIZARD OF OZ.) Mr. Drunk Dude was then shown the door by Big Bouncer Theatre Security Man. However, he wasn't leaving without a little show of his own. And he was M-A-D people. Mr. D.D. proceeded to cuss a blue streak. Actually, what's worse than a blue streak? Cause that's what he did. Loud. Bad Words. Bad, bad, bad words. Not that there is a scale for cuss words. Cause a cuss word is a cuss word. But this guy used the biggest and baddest cuss words around. And I think even threw in a few that I had never heard before. Seriously people. This is the WIZARD OF OZ. And Dude gets kicked out. Of the fancy theatre. All this happened right about the time the Cowardly Lion joined Dorothy and the others to head to Oz. So they were off to see the Wizard. And Mr. Drunk Dude was off to kick somebody's something or other.

.... the couple sitting beside me were eating Skittles and making out. Again, this is the WIZARD OF OZ. It was totally bizarre.

.... dude at the end of our row had on Carhartt overalls. I've got nothing against Carhartt overalls. Or even overalls in general. But I think they have their place. Like on a farm. Did I mention this is a very nice, beautiful, historic, theatre? Overalls. Oh - and a ball cap.

.... the old man that was sitting about three rows in front of us began to pick up a two-way radio through his hearing aids. So he had a convo between two women coming out of his head.

.... the little girl in front of us apparently had a little tummy ache and kept getting up and down to go to the bathroom. But her quite large daddy wouldn't get up so they could get out and they had to crawl over. And I was very worried there for a second that little girl was going to puke all over Row M Seat 201.

.... Oh and there was a service dog. Who appeared to be very sweet. And big. And old. And the woman appeared to be able to see. And hear. So I'm not sure what his service was. But he did have on one of those official service dog vesty things so I'm sure he was legit. However, remember there was also a real live little puppy dog named Dusty playing Toto. So I did have to wonder if the big service dog was just PRETENDING to be a service dog so he could get in to see Toto (aka Dusty). And it also made me wonder how many times there have been TWO real live dogs in the theatre.

When I got home and was telling the Captain and the Bloggie Doggie all about my exciting adventure, the Bloggie Doggie decided that HE would like to audition for the part of Toto. I told him that he's big and white. And Toto is small and black. But he felt like could wear a costume and pull that off. But I'm not sure how he'd fit in that basket. He is, however, very excited about the opportunity to audition and he won't quit talking about it. See? Here's his headshot.

Actually I guess that's just a shot of his head...

OK, this post has gone south fast and it's long and you're probably not even reading anymore. so I'm off.

Not to see the Wizard.

I'm off to work.

But tomorrow, I'm OFF WORK.

Until after Christmas.

And that is excellent.

Because we all know....

There's no place like home.

Sorry, couldn't resist that.

Peace out people.

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JuJu said...

Oh MY Gosh! What a "theatrical" evening you had! I can't help but laugh at the thought of all this, and the play trying to go on through it all. (the show must go on??!!) HILARIOUS!!

I'd cast Bloggie Doggie as Toto any day dahling!

Enjoy your time away from work!!

Kearsie said...

Wow. It sounds like I need to get to the theater to see the show. Both of them. The one on the stage and the one in the audience.

beckyjomama said...

Girl, I wanna follow you around with a camera, cause your life is an ADVENTURE!

w said...

the drunk dude - did he smell like caramel popcorn? i just imagine him smelling that way.

and the overalls guy. i bet he smelled like bacon.

also. i don't wanna know what the little girl smelled like.

you *do* have a fancy theater. and i pronounced it theee-ate-er.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that you NEVER forget that Wizard of OZ. Good that you have seen it before - due to all of the interruptions. What a wild night!