Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hang some Christmas lights on these tweets....

The oven works better when it's turned on.

My halls are now decked.

Nothing more exciting than the lights on the pre-lit Christmas tree going out and then the plug thingy starting to melt. Bah.

I think I just ate my first meal in four days that didn't have any "cream of" anything in it.

Hello, I'm a big goober head.

La La La Linoleum.

Dear Volleyball: I've missed you. In a sick kind of way.

I just got a "let's discuss" response to an email I sent in October. Of 2009. Wha?


Ever feel like you've already worked a full day before you ever get to work?

Wishing the Captain would answer my 239,177 texts about the dashboard warning light on his truck that I'm driving this week.

I guess I'm officially old. Am texting @connie423 about rising gas prices.

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