Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So my drivers license may or may not expire this Friday.

And apparently the Drivers License People won't let me do this through the mail and they really want me to come and get a new picture made. I even tried to renew on line, but they politely said they were sorry and my request could not be completed online. Personally, I don't think they were really sorry.

I also tried to call the Drivers License People and assure them I was perfectly fine with my old picture. Even though it is ten years old. And I'm wearing my hair a little different now. And have gained a bit of weight. And am wearing an ugly, out of style jacket. And a really ugly necklace. You can totally still tell it's me. It's fine. Really. But there is apparently no way to get to talk with a real live person. Because after I listened to the whole recorded spiel about hours and locations and all that blah blah blah stuff, the recorded voice then said "Thank you. Good bye." And disconnected. Rude.

So I asked the Captain just how serious those police folk took that whole expired drivers license thing.

That's when he gave me The Look.

You know the one - the one where he is wishing he had never asked me out on that second date...

After taking a deep breath, he assured me that yes, the police take that "whole expired drivers license thing" pretty serious.

And apparently an expired drivers license is not like an expired gallon of milk.

Because when I asked that -- if the nice police folk would give me a day or two on either side of my expiration date like a gallon of milk -- he firmly said no.

Not that we drink milk after the expiration date - because we don't. In fact, Cooper is OBSESSED with the expiration date on milk. And sometimes, out of the blue, he will say, "Only three more days before our milk expires."

Anyway, back to the drivers license thing....

When I asked the Captain what the worst possible case scenario would be if I waited until early next week, he said something about if I did get pulled over, I would be issued a misdemeanor citation - which I didn't think was too bad since he used the word citation and all - but then he said something about reporting for booking and processing. BOOKING AND PROCESSING?!? Just because I didn't go get a new picture for my drivers license? Ri-dic. Booking and processing... Humph.

So I guess I better high tail it over to the drivers license place. And you know none of those locations are even the slightest bit convenient. Awesome.

And shoot, here I am about to have to get my picture made - which is apparently pretty darn important - and I totally need a haircut. And a brow wax.


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Steve said...

Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I have to get my license renewed by the middle of February. Don't want to go do it either. Although I probably won't get a haircut or a brow wax first.

Cameron and Rachel said...

Gotta love all that police lingo they use.
If you go to the one in Oakland they have you in and out but you better be on your toes because they say sit look at the camera snap...they could at least count so you make sure you are looking and smiling.

Good Luck with it all and hopefully you don't get booked :)

JuJu said...

I do hate going to the DMV. I always walk out of there feeling a tad bit dirty.

I hope your picture turns out GREAT!