Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm going to Alabama with a banjo on my knee.

OK maybe not with a banjo on my knee.

But I am going to Alabama. For a volleyballus tournamentus.

Connie and Niece M and Jordan and I are road tripping together. Good times.

If we can get out of this ice covered city.

It's not that bad. Well, parts of it are bad.

This southern born and bred gal doesn't do well driving on ice covered roads. In fact, I fishtailed going home last night and may or may not have cried the rest of the way. Just like the little pig. But it was wah wah wah all the way home rather than weee weee weee.

I was actually overdue for a breakdown. So the fishtail just kind of pushed me over the edge.

Been a rough week at work. But the ridiculousness of it all comes to an end today.

The Captain and Cooper will be batch-in' it this weekend during my absence. I'm sure chicken nuggets and the Three Stooges will abound.

Happy weekend people. May you conquer all your laundry.

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