Saturday, January 8, 2011


Behold, the first Twitter review post of the new year. Be amazed.

First full day of work since early December. I'm surprised I haven't dropped dead today from not eating every two hours.

The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is in the parking lot.

I am ready to call the Hogs!!!!

Hoping they will postpone kickoff for thirty minutes while I go pick up @vball199 from volleyball practice.

Y'all call the Hogs while I go run the Mom taxi.


Catch. The. Ball.

Touchdown. Thank you.

Oh my dear biscuits and gravy.

Checking eBay for a Sugar Bowl ring.

Might as well 'fess up...I'm one of the mega millions winners.

Dealing with some square peg, round hole issues.

The humor of an eight year old boy is so...humorous.

I'm totally buying in to all this snowy weather hype.

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