Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Things

In the spirit of "I have no idea what to blog about today", may I present to you: Five Things

1. A week ago today, it was 12 degrees and we had four inches of snow on the ground. Today is sunny and 70. Go figure.

2. Apparently Cooper was asking people at church last night for $1 so he could buy candy bars from his friend who was selling them for school. Ummmmm.....

3. A young man from the kids' school (A classmate of Niece M!) is doing well on American Idol. Did you see "The Minors" last night? Yes, the group of 15 year olds that got a STANDING OVATION from the judges! That was him!! Woot! Here's his little interview thing. Go Jalen! Seriously, how cool is that?

4. The Captain has wheeled and dealed and I think he has negotiated a good deal on a new car for me. And I think we're getting it today. **Squeal!!** But I'm a weirdo who also grows emotionally attached to cars. And I may or may not name them. So last night was probably the last time I will ever drive the Green Bean again. And I got a little sniffly when I pulled him in the garage. Because there have been good times in that car. And lots of miles put on that car. And that was the car that I brought sweet baby Cooper home from the hospital in. And... *sniff* (See also: I'm a Weirdo)

5. Jordan has been cleared to start light drills during practice. Wahooo!

That's all I know. Other than the fact I'll be cooking pork chops for dinner tonight.

So, I'm outta' here.

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