Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frozen Twitter

It's been a cold week this week in these here parts. So put your mittens on and read this Twitter recap...

Celebrating 17 years of being Mrs. Captain. I heart that guy.

I screamed a whole lot at the TV during that Tiger win. The Captain kind of fussed at me.

"I smell goat." ~ @connie423

Yeah, I'm watching the Puppy Bowl. Wanna' make something of it?

Unnecessary ruff-ruff-ruffness

The groundhog lied.

My normal 15 minute drive home took an hour and 20 minutes. Whew. #snow

Apparently that was a big ol' sheet of ice that just slid off my roof?? #scarynoise

All this Egypt stuff.... I don't get it.

The Captain is watching a show about alligators. It's a wild Thursday night over here.

It's 12 degrees. And I find that ridiculous.

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