Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuff from the weekend

First of all, I know you are all so impressed with my creative writing skills and are blown away by the cleverness of the title of this post.

It was nice to be "home" this weekend. And by "home", I mean "in town and not on the road at a volleyball tournament".

Saturday night we went to Connie's for dinner. And it was fun. And we talked about goats and cows. And drafty windows. And the unrest in Egypt.

Saturday was also the 17th anniversary for me and the Captain. And yes, I did get married when I was 12. I drug out the wedding albums and made the Captain look at all the pictures. Let's just say there was a lot of hair on a lot of people.

The Captain got me a heated throw for a combination birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, "you're a mamaw" present. I have named the blankie Bliss. Because there are no words to describe his lovely, warm, wonderful awesomeness. I'm trying to figure out how to take it to work with me today.

The Super Bowl. We went to church last night so I set the DVR. And somehow missed the entire first quarter. Annnnnd somehow I also missed the last two minutes. So the Captain was a little disappointed by that. I'm sorry, Captain. Personally, I had gone on to bed. Cause four o'clock in the morning comes pretty early. And I really was a little indifferent on the game's winner or loser.

So today brings some snow. Or not. This weather is seriously ridiculous these days. Guess the kids will be heading to school today. And me and Bliss are headed to work.

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Momma Roar said...

Taking Bliss to work sounds like a great idea.

A friend of mine started a business out of her home making and selling deliciousness in bags, ie things like muffins, cookies, cakes - all sugary goodness. The name of her business? Bliss!

Happy Monday!

JuJu said...

Happy Anniversary!! I would LOVE to see some of those pictures!