Thursday, February 10, 2011


So yeah. We got some snow. Probably about 4".

And my 4 mile drive home from work that usually takes 15 minutes took me an hour and 20 minutes.

I was a total wreck.

And off the charts on the anxiety meter.

In fact, I thought I might have a heart attack or something. But I thought a dead body in the black SUV might snarl traffic even more so I held it together.

The traffic was so bad and gridlocked that I saw a man three cars in front of me jump out and run in the nearby restaurant. I guess he went to the potty. Because he wasn't in there long and he didn't come out with coffee and danish for all of us. Rude.

I wasn't totally by myself. Because I had Bingmama on speaker phone and we talked each other through it. She was a bit ahead of me in traffic and gave me the low down on what was ahead for me. "There's a stalled car in front of the car dealership. Get over in the middle lane." "Watch out for that hill right after you go under the overpass." She was a good scout!

So, here we are in the great white north south. And all that fluffy white snow has turned into smooth, slick ice. The current temperature is 15. Humph. Looks like this stuff isn't going anywhere for awhile.

Have a good, warm day today.

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Momma Roar said...

I love snow ... when I can look at it from inside my house. I'm a wreck if I have to drive in it. And I have AWD!

Thanks for the game suggestions - might look into getting one or two for the kids as a Valentine's day gift!

JuJu said...

BingMama could have a job as a tv traffic commentator!

Stay safe!!