Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Death 2011

Forecast for today: SNOW

When and how much?


The forecast has been all over the place. And that makes me crazy.

I've heard everything from 1" to 7". That's quite a range there.

And Memphis is notorious for having a forecast of 2-4" and then getting nothing.

I've also seen 3" of "no accumulations expected".

It's madness.

I get all wigged out during days like this. Getting kids to school, getting to work, getting kids picked up from school once they cancel three hours later, getting home from work when the snow starts piling up even though we won't close our office and everybody will just keep working like nothing is happening. Blah blah blah. I can really work myself up about all this. Stupid. Why do I get this way? Makes me nuts. Stu. Pid.

Plus, Jordan has a PT appointment at 4:30 today. That coincides nicely with the timing of the blizzard.

And by blizzard I mean we should have 3" on the ground by then.

Yes, people, that's a blizzard if you live south of the Mason Dixon.

And no, we know nothing of your snow plow and snow blower ways.

Don't judge.

Speaking of Jordan, the tournament is out for her this weekend. Well, we will still be traveling. But she won't be playing. And that is just a big ol' blah. She's pretty down about it. But is still working hard and getting better every day. She's phasing out of the boot and just wearing a brace most of the time. And in case you were wondering, the brace doesn't fit well in the school uniform saddle oxford cause it gets all bunched up in the shoe and makes it FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and causes all kinds of teenage girl moody nuttiness when we are trying to get out the door for school. I love my life.

I'm outta' here.

And I'm wearing my polka dot snow boots to work.

So there.

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Steve said...

Teenage girl moody nuttiness? I think that's why God saw fit to give us a son.