Saturday, February 19, 2011


My week. On Twitter.

Leaving convention center after morning of volleyball. Riding with teammate to lunch. Flat tire. Major flat. On side of interstate.

She called On Star. And apparently Jack Rabbit will be here in 30 minutes. Whoever he is.

And we all just figured out that Jack Rabbit is probably referencing a tire jack. Ohhhhhh

We have pepperoni, a banana, some wheat thins, thank you notes, and some Jesus music. So I think we are good for awhile.

And Jack has arrived with a jack!

And we are back on the road. Wow. Thanks, Jack!

Great. @connie423 smells smoke and thinks the hotel is on fire.

I'm going to bed while @connie423 decides if she is going to evacuate.

Four females + one hotel bathroom = shifts

Greetings from Shankville. #volleyball

Has my hair looked like this all day?


I love my stapler.

{high five}


Poor Brandy. She's a fine girl.

Should we be worried about this solar flare? Sounds serious what with fire plummeting to the earth and all. The Captain remains indifferent

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