Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Hot

Two hot things happening right now.

My new car didn't come in yesterday. Boo.

Something about the guy and the other guy and the delivery and waiting on "the call" and then arranging the meeting.

I'm not real sure what that's all about.

But the Captain assures me it's all on the up and up.

Even though I am now starting to worry if the car is stolen.

Great, a hot car.

Just what I need.

Because it sounds like he is supposed to meet some guy named Rico behind a warehouse over on Watkins and use some sort of code word and bring unmarked bills in a brown lunch sack.

And personally, I think that would be an issue for a cop's wife to drive a stolen car.

And I sure don't want to go to prison. Because while the whole jumpsuit concept is appeal for concealing figure flaws, orange isn't a good color for me.

But the Captain assures me it is not stolen and it doesn't involve Rico or a code word or unmarked bills.


In other hot happening news, there is apparently some big solar flare thing happening. They said it was a "solar coronal mass ejection that hits the Earth on Friday". Ummmm, HELLO PEOPLE that's today. And I don't know about you, but whenever I hear that there is a "plasma bullet blasting toward our planet at 560 miles a second", I get a little unnerved. And if you will note, they are saying it is headed straight to EARTH, not like "take cover Topeka" or anything.

I have expressed my concern to the Captain who showed not the slightest bit of concern at all. And maybe it is hard to take me seriously when I stand in front of him jumping up and down screaming, "A FIRE BALL IS HEADED RIGHT TO EARTH!!!!!". But still...I remain concerned about experiencing permanent blindness or having all my hair burned off.

So, just in case the car is stolen and I get sold down the river and spend the rest of my days laptopless in the pen OR if the big ol' humongous fireball blows the Earth up, I just want to say thanks for being faithful readers of my blog. I love you all. Have a good life.

But, if I don't get arrested and the Earth remains intact, then have a good weekend. And I'll see you Monday.

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Best Sister in the World said...

If you do end up going to The Pokie I will come visit you...and watch college football with you on the 65 inch plasma screen tv that you will have in your cell....

mom said...

And I will come with the best sister in the world and bring

JuJu said...

So, did you end up exploding in a ball of fire, or do you have the new car?

Pictures please????