Monday, March 28, 2011

Additional ouching.

So you know I was sore from all my exercisey stuff last week?

Well, this weekend featured driving for 5 hours and creeping through interstate construction traffic for an hour on Friday, sitting on metal bleachers for 12 hours on Saturday, then driving home 5 more hours on Sunday.

So, whatever part of me that wasn't sore last week, is sore now.

I believe in Equal Opportunity Soreness.

My back is killing me. And I'm still suffering from Acute Numnus Butticus.

Plus I am just a wee bit exhausted.

It was a long weekend full o' volleyball.

And it was the girls' best tournament ever.

And since it's my blog, I can brag a little about Jordan who scored three match points including serving up an ace to push the team to second place advancing them into bracket play. Holla!

Busy week ahead which has lots of volleyball practice, baseball games -- oh, and the regular 40 hours of work stuff.

Speaking of work, I blew up another computer at work late Friday afternoon. That's my second in six months. Some virus thing that attacked all my stuff. Oh, and some of Bingmama's stuff too since we share some drives. I've become a problem child for our IT Department. I'm sure they do Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who answers the phone whenever I call for help. Not really looking forward to walking back into all that this morning.

I'm going to find more coffee.

Have a lovely day.

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JuJu said...

Girl, you have to stop surfing those nasty websites while at work! :-)

Congrats to Jordan on her awesome playing! It almost makes the sore bottom worth it???