Monday, March 21, 2011

One man's trash...

So it was a wild weekend of basketball. Here's to the underdog. I've only got nine of the Sweet 16 still standing. Bracket Schmacket. Sadly, my Tigers didn't fare so well. And I've got four words for you: It was a foul. The end.

In other news, the Captain and I continued to tackle the Hoarders Museum (aka the attic and guest bedroom). And we continued to discover many fascinating former treasures.

Four tents. FOUR? Four. There was a day when the Captain and I used to go camping. 250 years ago. Four tents.

A pair of crutches.

A foam bath mat shaped like a foot.

Flower bed edging.

Two boxes of empty DVD cases.


The Captain hauled all the fascinating former treasures to the curb.

That was where it kind of went south.

Because Coop and the other neighborhood kids were outside playing.

And they apparently decided to dig through all the fascinating former treasures.

Because the next thing I know, the stuff is all over the sidewalk and Cooper is bringing half of it back inside because he just CAN'T BELIEVE we are THROWING THIS STUFF AWAY!

And I'm mortified that some kid down the street has taken an old gun case and two army canteens home telling his mom he got it from Cooper's house.

And I discovered the foam bath mat shaped like a foot proudly displayed in my bathroom.


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