Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In. Som. Nia.

So apparently my body now thinks it's hilarious to wake up around 1:30 or so and be wide stinking awake until about 3:30.

Sometimes I just wake up for no reason. Sometimes Captain the Snoring Warthog wakes me up. Lately things like tornado sirens and thunder wake me up.

This whole "not sleeping at night" thing is problematic for several reasons.

First of all, sleeping through the night just seems like the normal thing to do. I've been doing it since I was about eight weeks old.

I get up at 4am every day. So falling asleep at 3:30 really isn't that much of a victory.

It makes me verrrrrry sleepy the next day if I've been up half the stupid night. I mean, the boss is really not a fan of the mid-day nap.

Usually, once I wake up, I'll head on over to the couch. Because even if Captain the Snoring Warthog hasn't woken me up, chances are he's tearing it up pretty good anyway and that keeps me awake. Or the shower dripping. Or the clock ticking. Or the fan clicking.

The last two nights I've just slept on the couch from the get-go. Mainly because the Captain now has some sort of cooties. So I have banished him and his germy self to the bedroom. With a good healthy spray of Lysol. *ccchhhhh ccchhhhh* If he looks at me -- or exhales -- I spray him. *cccccchhhhhhhhhh*

So if anybody else can't sleep or is just a night owl, hit me up sometime.

I'll be hanging out on the couch playing Words with Friends and catching up on Twitter.

Have a good day people. More rain headed our way today. Lovely.

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Steve said...

I don't usually have trouble sleeping once I go to bed. But the last two nights I have been staying up later than usual, watching TV to see if we all need to run to our storm shelter (aka the bathroom) quickly. Fun times!

JuJu said...

Oh, I hope you get some sleep tonight. There's nothing worse than that middle of the night "will I ever get back to sleep?" feeling.

And, the tv is horrible at that time of night!!

Good luck!