Friday, April 29, 2011

So yeah, I'm watching the Royal Wedding.

It is the advantage of insomnia and an early wake up call.

It's all so very fairy-tale-ish, isn't it?

And it reminds me of Charles & Diana's wedding.

I was 15.

And Mom and Connie and I got up to watch it. In what, to my teenage world, was called "The Middle of the Night". Now, in my grown up world, I call 4 am "The Time My Alarm Clock Goes Off".

I still haven't gotten Kate and William a wedding gift. If anybody wants to go in on a group gift, hit me up.

OK, I'm signing off to go watch this fairy tale wedding.

Magic, people. Pure magic.

I think I'm gonna' cry.

Somebody save me a seat at the reception.

Peace out.

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