Saturday, April 30, 2011


This week's Twitter Review is brought to you by tornadoes and the Royal Wedding.

Cue Charlie Brown teacher voice.

Danger - laundry ahead

Going to rescue the stranded Captain who has a dead battery

The Captain is hawt when he uses the jumper cables.

I still don't have a dress for the Royal Wedding. Running out of time.

Tornado warning. Sent kids to closet. They both grabbed their Easter baskets. #priorities

Son: "All I need is a little chest hair, and then I'll be in business."

Crazy wind and sideways rain.


I've worked here almost ten years and I still can't remember my long distance code.

Cue the sirens

Sirens off for two minutes before they cranked up again.

Son asked if I used to go to a one-room school house when I was a kid. Like Laura Ingalls. Awesome. Go to bed, kid.

The Captain's got the cooties. I've doped him up and sprayed him with Lysol and I'm sleeping on the couch.

More rain headed our way. Awesome.

Sirens again.

Hanging out down in xray hall with employees and patients. Good times. #tornado

Texted Captain to tell him the sirens were going off. He pulled the ol' cop card and said he was the one that pulled it. #showoff

There are no words to describe the ridiculousness of this day.

"It's all applesauce."

Hope I get picked tonight in the NFL draft.

Running late for the wedding. Somebody save me a seat.

I have no fancy, crooked, wild, feather-covered hat for the wedding. *Grabbing Yankees baseball cap*

(I think Harry is the cute one.)

Just remembered I still haven't bought a wedding gift. Gotta' run by Target on my way to work.

My own wedding was a lot like this, without all the hats, of course.

The Captain slept through the whole wedding.

The Captain just asked if Camilla was a princess. #mouth #soap

Somebody please get over here and take the remote control away from the Captain.

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