Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Miscellaneous text messages that I have either sent or received from any of the following: The Captain, Jordan, Bingmama, or Connie

* Turn off the oven!

* Nick on the banjo

* Please get some more nilla wafers

* We won!! We won!! We won!!

* How much does the zoo cost?

* Seek cover

* They r goobers

* 10 umbrellas and 15 lunchboxes

* Blah. $$$$$$

* I drive fast apparently.

* Annnnnnnd dude is still singing.

* Play. Off. Ref. Play. Play. Done.

* Green pea baby poo

* He is kinda' creepy. Ick factor.

* Bad hip

* Bring your hair dryer to work

* I have 17 tubes of toothpaste

* And you are right. These have best smell.

I guess it all really made sense at the time.

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