Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer + Job - Coping Skills = Hard

So last night I was trying to remember what I had blogged about that morning. Just couldn't remember. So I headed over here to the ol' blog and found that I didn't even blog at all. Huh? What on earth? Who knows what I was thinking - or not thinking - yesterday morning.

Guess I've finally blown a fuse in the ol' brain. It can only handle so much before it just shorts out.

Not gonna' has kind of kicked me hard lately.

Just stuff. Lots of different stuff. Some of it big. And some of it not so big. Some of it important. Some of it not so important. Some of it legitimate. Some of it ridiculous.

But when you add it all up together, it erodes the coping skills.

And apparently the brain.

But summer is here.

Which really doesn't mean much to the ol' Work Outside the Home Mom.

It makes it easier. And harder. At the same time.

No bedtime, no projects, no lunchbox, no routine.

But there are church activities, social events, sports practices, and just regular ol' things happening at home. Which is all pretty hard to manage and be a part of from my office.

Oh, and the guilt. That's always nice. I just loooooove the guilt of not being a part of my kids' summer. Nice.

In summary, summer is hard on the working mom.

Oh well. It will all work out and be just fine. It has every other summer. So I'm sure this one will be no different.

And I will eventually get a grip.

In the meantime, I just found out today is not Friday.


4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Girl. You are in need of a weekend away with some fun and relaxation. Get THEE to the Gulf Shores of Alabama!
Seriously--you need to treat yourself to something that makes you feel better. Night out with Connie?

Just don't drink iced tea or eat any mushrooms my friend.

Steve said...

I was wondering what had happened to you yesterday. But then I forgot to ask you about it when I saw you this morning. I was probably too busy thinking about how well our kids have done this school year, anyway.

Svee said...

Angie, don't feel guilty for having to work. I feel guilty because I stay home and my husband who is a policeman works a lot of side jobs and overtime. It was great when our kids were younger. But now at 14 and 8 I feel like I.should be working and the older one can watch the.younger one. (except she is a scaredy cat herself) that and the fact that I haven't worked in 12 years keep me home. So I guess we feel guilty no matter what. It's one of the curses of being a mom. Which you seem to be a great one so don't feel guilty.
God Bless, Sherry

mel said...

My kids are 21 and 16 and I use the 21 year old as a sounding board to find out how I did as a mom. When I shared that there were so many times I felt guilty about being at work so much, he said, "Mom, you have been here for everything that has ever mattered in my life".

So, my point is, try to give yourself a break. You are clearly an involved, loving, and 'present' mom, and your kids know that.

Enjoy the long weekend with your wonderful family!