Saturday, May 14, 2011


My week. On Twitter.

...and then Monday showed up and ruined everything...

A gigantic bird almost flew in my sunroof. Eeeeeeek.

Cool your jets, people.

Overtime! My 4am alarm clock can't take it....

Overtime? Grindtime!

Double OT. Did I mention my alarm clock goes off in FOUR HOURS?!?

Triple. Over. Time.

Settled for only three hours sleep so I could watch the Grizzlies lose in triple overtime. *yawn*


Suddenly really feeling last night's bedtime of 1 AM.

The Boy playing third base tonight. And spitting a lot.

Feeling helpless and wishing I could make it better....

Dear Grizzlies: I've been up past 1am two nights in a row. You must pull off a win tonight before 10:30. Thanks.

I hate licking envelopes.

Really? Whatever.

It's all applesauce.

Burning up at a baseball game reminding myself why I love volleyball. #indoorsport

Came home from the baseball game to find that the dog had gotten chewing gum all over the carpet. I don't even want to know....

Got a gift certificate that entitled "the barer" to the prize. I'm not real sure what I should wear when I redeem this....

Life is just hard sometimes.

A friend of @vball199 signed her yearbook: "Your dad is super attractive." Oh, Captain.... #true #butfunny

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