Saturday, May 28, 2011


It was another most exciting week on Twitter. Really.

Was going to do some laundry and change the sheets, but if today's the end of the world, then I'm not going to bother.

Since all will be made perfect in heaven, I probably won't touch up my pedicure today either.

The Boy: "You know I'm not a little kid anymore, Mom. I'm almost nine. And I know that makes you sad. But that's just the way it is."

The Captain is out of town today. Hope he's home by 6pm. If not, I guess we'll meet up in heaven somewhere.

I'll give you a dollar if you'll come wash my car.

If the world ends, I'm gonna' meet Jesus eating Fig Newtons and wearing Curious George pajama pants. #ImReady

6:03 pm. Still here. Guess that means I have to fix dinner.

Going to the visitation for the Captain's fellow officer and good friend. Really, REALLY don't like this part of being a grown up.

That. Was. Awful. #MuchSadness

So glad my girl is home. I missed her.

The Boy is watching Monday NIght Raw and has put the couch cushions & pillows in the floor. Looks like he's setting up a ring....

Confession: I really don't care about Oprah. Or her last show.

Lunch with a bunch of eight year old boys. Hilarious.

Here comes da' storm.

Cue the sirens.

Agent Seeley Boothe. Yes, please.

80's music? I think yes.

Enjoying some pomp. And some circumstance.

Tell the authorities I was killed by my Inbox.

Hello, three day weekend!

Seriously, how have I lived without Netflix until now?

Boy went to a swimming party, played 9 holes of golf, played outside for an hour and is now pitching a fit about taking a shower.

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