Monday, June 13, 2011

Icky weekend

Well, you can add 51 episodes of Billy the Exterminator and the completion of all episodes of Drake & Josh to the list of Recently Viewed Netfix Shows. That's on top of, as you'll remember, 96 episodes of Mindfreak.

Ever seen that Exterminator show? I've had my share of icky things over the last few days. Snakes and roaches and rats. Oh my.

And gators. The Exterminator Guy catches gators too.

And if I didn't get enough gators from the exterminator show, there's another show allll about gators.

The Captain and Coop are also tackling Swamp People. Which is apparently about some folks in Louisiana who hunt gators. And the people are slightly difficult to understand, what with their heavy Cajun accent and all. It's a train wreck people. I can't tear myself away from it. But I can't bear to watch it. All I know is, every once in awhile, The Captain and Cooper will yell - in their best Cajun voice - "Choot em! Choot em!!" Which is apparently Cajun Gator Hunt talk for Shoot Him referencing said gator. And it's apparently a huge part of the show and a legit thing. Because I found this.

Sadly for the Captain and Cooper, there is only one season of Swamp People available on Netflix. Looks like our days of gator hunting are short-lived.

So, Netflix.... It's keeping my family entertained these days. $7.99 a month. Actually, we might still be in our two week free trial. Yeah, I'd say we're getting our money's worth. In an ick kind of way.

Be jealous of my exciting life.

Happy Monday. Peace out people.

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JuJu said...

Tell Cooper we have gators out here. My friend had one crawl out of the pond in their back yard to sun himself.

That Billy dude? SCARY!!

Tonya said...

I confess. I heart Swamp People.

"That's a tree shaka"