Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twitter replay

Another exciting week on Twitter. You really should follow me.

I'll be calling the A/C guy today...

And I can never remember his name, so it's in my contacts under "A". For Air Conditioner

Good News: The Air Conditioner Man is coming today. Bad News: I've got to cancel my hair cut appointment. Guess I'll take Air over Hair.

Hoping my $18,328 mistake is fixable

Yeah, I'm driving somewhere to pick somebody up. What else is new?

The Boy: "Look! Leg hair!!"

Eating ice cream right out of the carton. Don't judge.

The Captain and The Boy are quite engrossed in a show about Bigfoot.

And the plural of Sasquatch is....?

The Weatherman: "95... 95... 95... 95...95... 95..." Blah... blah.... blah... blah...

Why does my garage smell like chocolate cake?

Wii? Oui. Wheee!

It's all applesauce.

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