Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's how we roll

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning.

This is what we woke up to this morning.

My thoughts and observations:

1. Yes, we cleaned it up yesterday. And by we, I mean Jordan. She conned Cooper into helping.

2. Monday night's job was with much better quality TP.

3. As a former champion roller, I think the perpretators failed to use the height of the trees to their full advantage.

4. The rollers did not TOUCH the squad car parked in my driveway. Smart.

5. The Captain is slightly humored by this. He has not yet used the words "vandalism" or "trespassing". Nor has he rattled off some sort of annotated state code. He's been fairly quiet.

6. I think it is hilarious.

7. There are parents who get VERY mad about this sort of thing.

8. As long as there is no damage done to property or vehicles, I don't have a problem with it.

9. A good yard rolling is a sign that your kids are well-liked.

10. I have rolled MANY a yard in my day.

11. The last time I rolled a yard, I was 7 months pregnant with Jordan. I was afraid the cops were going to come. And that would mean the Captain. Talk about awkward.

12. There is a list of suspects.

13. Bingmama has now been added to that list. She came over for dinner last night. The Captain just told me he saw an 18 pack of Charmin in her back seat when he was helping put Baby Bing in the car. Hmmmmm.

14. Jordan does not yet know about Rolling #2 as she sleeps until 1:45pm every day.

15. The squiggly paper in that last picture is an attempt at "Jordan". Although it is difficult to write in cursive with toilet paper. I'd give The Rollers an E for effort there.

16. The Captain just went to the front door. Checked out last night's activity and said "Humph." I just explained to him that while there are some standards to rolling, there are also some standards to cleaning up. And that includes leaving the TP up long enough for all the neighbors to see.

17. One of my neighbors might come over and start cleaning it up. He's the same one who occasionally trims my bushes if they get out of control.

18. He's also the same man who edges his yard with hand clippers. He's patient. And a perfectionist. And probably has to take medication when he looks at the weeds in my flower beds.

19. His name is Johnny. His wife's name is Johnnie. We call them The Johnnies.

20. Yes, these last three points were a stretch, but I felt the need to round this list off at 20 and I had no more rolling thoughts, so I had to start making things up.

Wishing you peace and love.
And toilet paper.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

MOM said...

Looks like our yard did when you and your sister were teens -There was so much it really was pretty.

JuJu said...

#1. I'm thinking the JOhnnies are having a stroke this morning.
#2. Brave kids to TP a house where a squad car is parked.
#3. I bet Cooper will be a champion roller as he grows.
#4. I can't help laughing about the Johnnies again.
#5. Bingmama is smarter than to use Charmin for the roll job, and to leave it in the backseat for the Captain to see it. I'm sure of that.

Susan said...

Love this. Love you. Love The Captain for being such a cool Cop.

P.S. There are no trees in our front yard...but the basketball hoop and yard are easy targets for a variety of things...including tp.

I will miss having teenagers when Brett heads off to college in a few years.