Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday morning FNL blah blah blah

The weekend has come and gone.

And I really have nothing exciting to report.

Because I really did nothing exciting.

Other than watch Friday Night Lights, fill my car up with gas, sort the Captain's socks, and go to the grocery. I know, y'all... My life is just so exciting. I can hardly stand it.

The Captain and Cooper made it back from their trip which was to the state that starts with T that is not Tennessee. And they had dinner with the Captain's sister's in-laws. And also a pretty well-known U.S. Senator.

And, of course, I texted the Captain and asked him to ask her if she watches FNL. Because I'm just like that.

And he did. Because he's just like that. Probably because he figured if he asked her and was embarrassed, he would never see her again. And he knew if he didn't ask her, he would have to face me again and I would have hollered at him, "Why didn't you ask her?! It's a simple question! Not controversial. Good conversation starter. It's no big deal! Why didn't you ask her?!"

So, he asked her. Atta' boy.

And, disappointingly, the answer was no.


How can you live in that Great State and not watch Friday Night Lights?!? Like she's too busy being concerned with national debt and foreign policy and sponsoring bills and stuff.

I definitely will NOT be voting for her next time.

Oh, wait....

Anyway, I'm probably watching too much Friday Night Lights because I swear I saw Matt Saracen at a red light last night.

But today, it's back to work. I can hardly contain my joy...

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JuJu said...

You need a guest role on this show.