Saturday, July 30, 2011


It was a fascinating week on Twitter. Check it out.

The dog just walked through the house with a plastic measuring cup in his mouth. I hope he is making me some cookies.

I never know what to expect when my daughter walks in the door and says, "So, I had a little whoopsie today."

Captain & Boy out of town. Having dinner w/ his sis & her MIL. And a pretty big name US senator. Hope there's no burping at table

Not that the Senator would burp. I don't guess. But sure can't say that about The Boy. No comment about the Captain.

The Planet of the Apes movie commercials scare me.

It's 10:15 and the Captain is already snoring like a Sasquatch.

I just burned my foot with the flat iron. Don't ask...

I can remember all "Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover", but I can't remember to buy dog food.

College football starts in 37 days. Amen.

Looks like @vball199 has a lot of cleaning up to do today. #TPInMyTrees

Message from The Boy: "I love you so, so, so much Mom. Now, about that pool table..."

And, in other news, we got rolled again last night.

I wrote something in secret code on my calendar and now I can't remember what it was. Awesome.

So, if I'm supposed to be meeting any of you tomorrow at 12:45 and don't show up, I'm sorry.

"Let's watch some kind of Sasquatch gator killin' show." #TheCaptain

We've been rolled two nights in a row. Should I go on to bed? Or sit up all night in a lawn chair with a shot gun?

Breaking: We did NOT get rolled last night.

Another volleyball camp. Another big check.

Oh dear. I clicked something and all my email folders just *POOF* disappeared. That can't be good.

Watching FNL on the laptop with headphones. And I can still hear the Captain snoring. With headphones, people.

Anybody else think kitchen sink water tastes better than bathroom sink water?

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