Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last week of summer twitters

Yep, my kids start school next week. Bah. But before we do that, check out my week on twitter.

Just got automated call from Kroger telling me to throw out all my recalled ground turkey. I guess we've already eaten it. #TooLate

Don't ever think you can run to the grocery looking like a bow-wow and not see anybody you know.

I Love Lucy marathon. Yes.

Supplies, uniforms, shoes, and other back to school necessities. Check. Yeah, a big fat check.

$5 to the first person who can find the television remote.

Just found two golf tees, three bobby pins, and 37 cents in my washer.

It's always good news when you find out your kid might not have to have surgery to break her jaws and have them wired shut.

Good. Ness. Gray. Shush.

Always a good night's sleep when your son starts screaming, "Order in the court!" at three in the morning.

So excited to hear about the huge breakthroughs in leukemia treatments. So sad that it didn't happen sooner to save my Daddy

Good grief, people. Cool your jets.

Got an email about an upcoming "Freshman Parents Meeting." Took me a minute before I realized that meant me.

I cannot embrace the Footloose remake.

The Captain hollering from the kitchen: "Whoaaa... Hey everybody, just a warning to you all that the honey mustard pours out freely."

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