Saturday, October 22, 2011

it's back.

Just realized I haven't had the Saturday run-down of Twitter in a few weeks. There is no excuse for this behavior. So here it is:

At the half: Angie 4, Laundry 3

Coffee is the greatest thing ever in the history of ever.

Traffic question: Does one yield to a marching band? #tuba

{insert blah blah blah tweet here}

Yeah, I've been picking cashews out of the trail mix. Wanna' make something of it?

The Sonic hot dog screaming woman is driving me nuts.

I forgot Michael Jackson had a son named Blanket.

Daughter is up on a stool trying to get a yellow rubber sticky toy frog off my kitchen ceiling. Yeah, just another exciting Thursday night

Candy corn. Yay or nay? Sound off.

Why are they called animal crackers and graham crackers when they are clearly cookies?

Happy Birthday to my Daddy today. I bet the cake in heaven in awesome.

Son came out of his room dressed and ready for church - sporting his WWE championship belt thrown over his shoulder.

Do chocolate covered raisins count toward the recommended daily serving of fruit?

Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Also known as 4th grade math.

Root canal > 4th grade math.

No, precious daughter, school is not closed for Halloween.

Letting a nine year old boy eat cinnamon toast in my bed is probably not one of my brightest moves.

Boy + BIke - Balance = Broken bone in hand = Cast

And the kid picked orange for Florida and Tennessee so I'm making him sleep outside til he gets it off #kidding #GoHogs

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