Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No lights. No win.

I was checking the ol' Twitter last night while I was watching the Cardinals attempt in vain to hold on to the lead in game 5... I saw some chatter about folks in our area seeing the Northern Lights.

So, of course, I felt obligated to run out there in the yard in my pajamas and take a look.

The Captain was already halfway asleep and didn't want to go look with me. Party Pooper.

"I'm going out to see if I can see it. What should it look like?"

"Glowing lights in the sky."

"Which direction should I look?"

"Ummmm, that would be NORTH."


So, in the end, I didn't see the Northern Lights.

And the Cardinals ended up stranding twelve runners on base (TWELVE) and losing the game.


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