Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some stuff

Some stuff:

You'll all be glad to know we got the ornaments on our tree last night. And, I found some curly red and green things for the top. So all is calm. All is bright. OK, not so calm. But bright. All is bright.

I finished reading The Help. Loved, loved, loved. Loved. No, I didn't see the movie.

I started Redeeming Love last night. Anybody read that one?

Next on the list is the Hunger Games trilogy. How about those? Anyone?

I'm crushing over the Kindle. It's on my Christmas list. I know I said I would NEVER get one. The Captain's been trying to get me one for two years. Nope. Did NOT want one. Until I gave my sister-in-law's a test read over the Thanksgiving weekend. Now. I. Must. Have.

Pinterest. Somebody stop me.

And, for the love, today is December 1st. What on earth happened?!?


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