Monday, December 19, 2011

Strumming along...

First things first.... The winner of the yummy molasses cookie prize pack is.... Kearsie! {clap clap clap} Hooray! Now you can invite us all over for cookies!

Once again, I feel like I didn't accomplish much of anything this weekend. And, that's pretty tragic since it's the last real weekend before Christmas. I normally take THIS week off, but this year am taking NEXT week off. And it's become problematic because I still have 92,186 things to do and not much time to do it. And on this Monday morning I'm kicking myself for not taking off. But next week, I'll be glad. So I've just got to push through this ridiculous thing they call work.

Anyway, this weekend I did manage to make two trips to Target on Saturday and none of it was really holiday related.

Long story, but Cooper was in the market for a new guitar since his most excellent quality $30 Walgreens guitar is showing some significant wear and tear which is just a nice way of saying it's about to crack in half.

We ran to Target to JUST LOOK. And in the music department of Target (yes, Target has a music department), they had a $79 guitar for $30. And of course this deal was ONE DAY ONLY. So, I ate my words and we got the guitar with a combination of his money and my money.

Take guitar home. It's a beauty. Well, as beautiful as a $79 guitar from Target can be. But he discovers it's more like a grown up guitar and is too big.

Cue the wailing.

So we go BACK to Target (I am really not proud of this behavior.)

And we got a $29 guitar in the toy section.

And sure enough, thing was broken before it ever came out of the box. Because, I remind you, it was a $29 guitar from the toy section at Target.

Much to the kid's chagrin, I didn't haul bootie back up there, but that guitar is now boxed up and ready to be returned.

There's apparently a serious time crunch here since there's some alleged neighborhood holiday concert coming up. And it's vital that he be a part of it since he's the one that plays the intro to Crazy Train.

The rock group practiced on Friday night in my garage. Coop hauled his guitar and drum set out there. I let the merriment go for awhile but then asked that they simmer down less my Scroogey neighbors call the cops and I get cited for some noise ordinance. And I'm not really sure I could convince the nice officers that they were playing Oh Holy Night.

Other weekend happenings....

Jordan and the Captain went deer hunting this weekend but it was a total bust.

I went to the mall yesterday in an attempt to finish all this shopping. All I did was reaffirm the fact that I'm allergic to malls. There were just so many ... people ... and .... cars .... It was a frightening experience.

And, last night the Captain sensed an impending holiday related nervous breakdown so, in a move of desperation he asked how he could help. ''Can I go buy something for somebody? Can I go get food for the people?" He did help me wrap some gifts. And one of them may or may not have been for him. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Anyhoo, I've got to make a list and check it twice. Time's a wastin'....

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JuJu said...

Oh the guitar trauma drama! He's at that in between guitar stage, eh? Please tell me this will be rectified in time for the big concert?

Good luck this week! I am confident you will get it all done!!