Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great...another one....

As if I didn't have enough addictions, my beloved sister Connie introduced me to Scramble with Friends. It's yet another word game. That I can't get enough of. Kind of like Boggle. Way fun.

So I've got Words with Friends - Scrabble-ish

Hanging with Friends - it's like a Hangman kind of thing. I'm not real nuts about this one. But, Cooper plays me on his Touch thing.

Now Scramble. Great.

And, of course, my beloved Bedazzled Bejeweled.

Issues, people. I have issues.

But remember, I'm exercising my brain.

So, I'm really doing this for my health.


That's it.

Anybody wanna' play? I'm angie128

Guess I'd better quit blogging and quit playing all my little games.

Gotta' hem my pants, make Cooper's lunch and fold a load of laundry.

Life just gets in the way.

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

Best Sister In The World said...

I'm horrible at the Scramble. Horrible. But...you can't cheat at it like some of my WWF people do.

Leona Raisin said...

I once used ‘scrabble’ playing Words With Friends. How ironic is that. Do you do anything to build skills? Once I discovered that unscrambling anagrams helped with that jumble of letters, my scores steadily went up in WWF and Scrabble. I got so into anagrams, I invented my own TV trivia anagram game. Let me know what you think of it.

JuJu said...

Besides being impressed with your use of all these games, I am agape at the fact that you hem pants. Seriously!!