Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the ol' barometer

right now, I am....

-- to the wind outside. weather looks pretty stormy today. way too warm out there right now.

drinking -- coffee. of course.

reading -- just started a new book last night. an author i'm not familiar with. mystery thriller type. love those. i am still in major crush with my precious little Kindle.

thinking -- about the big tiger win last night. and leap day. and march madness coming up.

wishing -- the hotel we are staying in this weekend had a microwave and frig. no luck i'm afraid

-- some jelly beans.

missing -- my daddy...

wanting -- to sleep until i wake up. no alarm clock. no reason to get up.

my brain is all over the place.............

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JuJu said...

Your mind is a-leaping since it's Leap Day of Leap Year!!