Thursday, March 1, 2012

It was leapy

A summary of my Leap Day....

I realized that Cooper has been watching too much Storage Wars. He is starting to say "Yuuup" a lot. And use auction hand signals. The backwards head jerk. The pen point. The finger flip. Yuuup.

The Captain and I had a discussion about whether dogs can eat Girl Scout cookies. Specifically Thin Mints.

Jordan had another volleyball private lesson thing. Like a good Volleyball Mom, I shagged balls. For an hour. In a stuffy gym. Ick.

And, in the "What's the world coming to?" department, Davy Jones died. Snooki is pregnant. And, the Steelers are releasing Hines Ward. It's just not right, people.

Back in my radio days, I drove Davy Jones in the station van downtown to his hotel.

And, who can forget when Davy took Marcia to the prom. It was dreamy....

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mel said...

Snookie is pregnant??!