Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Suppah time

It was nice last week when it was just me and Coop and I didn't have to cook real dinner. We had frozen pizza and fish sticks and corn dogs. Don't judge. It was "vacation". And I was lazy.

And, since I was a total basketball sloth I didn't even go to the grocery over the weekend. Which isn't a bad thing. Unless you factor in the fact that we had been out of town the last three weekends in a row. So there hasn't been many visits to the ol' grocry store lately.

And that means not a lot of food stuffs.

So creativity must now abound for dinner ideas.

Sometimes I really hate coming up with ideas for dinner.

And sometimes I really REALLY hate COOKING dinner.

I just want to throw out a box of cereal and holler, "DINNER!"

I had no idea what to fix last night. Nor, motivation to do anything about it.

So I defaulted to the ol' standby.


I fixed the fancy standby -- eggs, grits, biscuits, sausage.

As opposed to the slacker standby -- pancakes.

Which we'll probably have tonight...

What are you fixing these days?

Wanna' come over and fix some for us?

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JuJu said...

I "fixed" Capn'Ds last night for dinner. Ugh, did I feel sick all night!

For ease, I like to bake tilapia and have a salad. Now, don't think I'm nuts, I only eat it for the ease, certainly not for the health value. :-)