Friday, May 18, 2012

behold, my brilliance

Needed to order a banner for a sponsorship thing I'm doing at work.

And it needed to be 2.5' x 12'.

Easy enough.

So I email the banner guy and ask him to make a banner that's 2.5' x 12'.

He emails me back with this info:

"The banner material actually comes 38" tall. I can cut the material down to 30" tall, but the cost would stay the same."
No problem about the price.
But that 30"?  Hmmmmm.  Not sure about that.
So I email him again:
"The space won't support the 30" -- could it be cut down to 2.5'?"
Yes, I did.
I am so smart.
I didn't even catch my lapse in mathematical judgment until his reply:
"2.5' is 30"."
Ohhhh, why yes, yes it is.
Obviously, I'm now looking for a new banner guy since I won't be able to show my face in that place again.

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JuJu said...

It's the "new math" that did this to us when we were in school Angie. It's not your fault.

Steve Burns said...

Always good to give the banner guy a test to see if he knows what he is talking about. Looks like he passed.