Friday, May 11, 2012

The ol' 5-3

Edgar update: I have discovered the translation of "deeee peeeeps" ... he had to paint "the pipes".   Not even aware that I had pipes on my roof, but apparently I do. Shout out to the Captain for providing translation services.

Now, let's talk nine-year old baseball.

Coop's team lost the semi-final game last night but not without a fight.  They rallied in the last inning to come back from an 8-4 deficit, but fell short and lost 8-7.   A little nerve wracking when Coop was at bat with 2 outs and a 3-2 count.  But he went down swinging.  Wah.  And that was the end of a great season.

BUT.... guess who got the game ball??  You guessed it!  #12!! 

Not for that last inning strike out, but for his two fabby plays at third -- he had two back to back stops at third and then threw it to first for the outs.  Back to back 5-3 outs, baby.  There was some fist pumping involved.  He was so excited. I was so excited.  All the parents were so excited.   I was just so stinking proud of him.

(JuJu, please forward this information to Cute Baseball Coach Brother so he can put it in Coop's recruiting file.  Thanks.)

Next up?  The weekend.  Yay.

The Captain comes home tonight after being gone all week.  Yay.

It's been a long and tiring week. We are tired.  (I saw Jordan's weekend to-do list and one item was actually "Sleep")  Sleep and rest is in our future.  Yay. 

Happy Friday, people!

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

Colleen said...

Now that I see that it was the pipes it makes perfect sense!

Sounds like a great game!

JuJu said...

Jordan has the right answer. That is always on my list.

Pipes!! Of course it was pipes!!

Cooper always gets my team ball; every stinking day.

And, you do know who Missouri is playing this weekend, right???