Thursday, June 7, 2012

plugged in

I was quite proud of the electronic accomplishments I made yesterday....

I am not a good one for hooking up games and cords and cable and stuff.  I just don't get it.... I can plug something into the wall.  That's about it.

But I managed to successfully hook up Cooper's "new gaming system" on the TV in the den and figured out how to run all the cords and plugs and things in and around and behind and through all the holes in the entertainment center.

Then I hooked up a new cable box and the "old gaming system" onto the TV in the play room upstairs and figured out how to plug in the round and square and pointy plugs into the correct receptacles.  

I amazed myself.

I amazed the Captain.

High fives all around.

We're cooking with grease now.

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JuJu said...

Your accomplishments, and this post about them is way over my knowledge of anything electronic.

What did Cooper wish for on his birthday??