Friday, June 8, 2012

stupid stupid stupid

So much for being all technologically smart.

Because now I'm stupid.

I found out my cell phone wasn't indicating when I had a voice mail.  So, if you've left me a voice mail in the last two months, I'm sorry I didn't call you back.  I will be spending part of my day returning six week old voice mail messages....

In an effort to fix that little problemo, I had to reset my phone.

And now it won't restore anything.


It's all gone.


I'm so mad at myself.


So don't call me today.

Or text me.

The Captain is going to work on it today.  Hopefully he can at least get the phone working again.   Surely it's a fixable problem.  It's, shall we say, a very new up to date phone that starts with the letter i and ends in the number 4.

The contacts and apps and pictures and things may be kaput.  I don't know.  At this point, I just want my phone to work.   Feeling a little ... vulnerable this morning.  Odd how we are so dependent on these devices.

I told him last night that all my electronic success the day before was out the window.  He was sweet enough to say, "That was hardware, this is software.  Two completely different things."

OK then....

Not so sure he feels the same way this morning....


Stupid stupid stupid.

So, in the meantime, don't call me, I'll call you.

It will show up on your caller ID as "Stupid."

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JuJu said...

Bless your heart. That electrical high was so quickly replaced.

I hope it gets fixed soon. I won't know what to do without your tweets!

Mary R Snyder said...

girl!! You make me HOWL!! My word, you are so funny!!