Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nothing too crazy going on.

Well, if you ignore the wrestling figure arena set up in my den.  Still. 

And, of course, Mr. Duct Taped Table.  He's fine.

Jordan's gone to Detroit on a youth group mission trip.  She left Monday.  Feels like she's been gone six weeks already.  Blah.  Not home until next Tuesday night.  Bigger blah.  But she's having a great time and really having some great opportunities.  Glad for that.

Olympics start tomorrow.  And that's a big YAY! 

What's up with you?

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JuJu said...

wow, Detroit! That seems so far away from Memphis.

tell my wrestling buddy I said hello.

We are going on family vacation starting Saturday, and then when we get back, baseball brother and his fam are coming to the beach for a week!